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Laser Hair Reduction

What if you could live your life without ever having to wax, shave, snip, pluck or pull unwanted hair ever again?

How would it affect your overall sense of confidence, your daily life and your personal relationships? Find out for yourself with our safe and effective Laser Hair Removal treatment. Say goodbye to inconvenient, painful hair removal rituals. You won’t have to concern yourself with those tedious procedures anymore. Laser Hair Removal treatment for the removal of unwanted facial hair or body hair is proven to be scientifically effective and is commonplace in the United States and throughout the world today.

Choice Medspa clients can now enjoy the ease of paying per treatment, and getting locked into the sale price on their first visit! Check out the prices per treatment below! Package pricing is available upon request.

Treatment Area
Regular Price
Upper Lip
Lower Face
Front Neck
Back Neck
Full Face
Both Under Arms
Bikini Lines
Full Chest
Full Back
Half Leg
Full Leg
Full Arms

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Our FDA-approved lasers safely and gradually remove hair from any part of the body by delivering a pulsed laser beam with a connected chilling mechanism. This mechanism cools and protects the skin from excessive irritation that is often associated with other hair removal methods and lasers on the market. The laser pulse delivers heat to the follicle, disabling the food source.

Why Would I Want Laser Hair Removal?

Shaving, cutting, and waxing are only temporary solutions to the problem. Don’t waste money on products that only provide temporary results. Laser Hair Removal is the only solution. It saves time and helps people obtain the appearance they desire. The treatment provides a quick and relatively painless solution for unwanted hair. You will never have to wax, cut or shave ever again.

Is Laser Hair Removal a Safe Procedure?

Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective form of laser treatment. One of our licensed laser technicians will run through your medical history with you in order to see if you have any personal or medical history that may impact the procedures safety. The number of treatments needed to obtain optimal results varies with hair density, color and growth cycle as well as skin type. However, it is common to have four to six treatments, and possibly as many as ten treatments, during the course of four to eight weeks. Results will improve with each subsequent treatment.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of laser hair removal?

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